North Korea fired intermediate range ballistic missiles (IRBM) on April 15 and 28 and more recently on May 31, following its long range missile launch in February and its fourth nuclear test in January this year, undermining the stability of Northeast Asia and threatening the world peace.

Although failed, North Korea’s missile launch must have contributed to its nuclear weapons system development and the increasing global tensions.

Missile launch attempts of the reclusive country are not only in violation of international law but constitute a serious threat to Northeast Asian countries and a direct aggression against the peace and stability of the world, which therefore should not be tolerated.

We hereby define North Korea’s missile launch as a clear provocation against Northeast Asia and the world and state our position as follows.

First, we strongly condemn the Kim Jong Un regime that is preoccupied with nuclear and missile development to keep its authoritarian power while paying little attention to the fundamental rights and livelihoods of the people.

Second, we strongly urge North Korea to immediately stop engaging in any activities that are in explicit violation of UN Security Council resolutions, which include nuclear test and missile launch, and to become at least a minimally responsible member of the international community by complying with UN resolutions concerning North Korea.

Third, we strongly call upon the North Korean regime to cease all of its provocative actions that undermine the peace of the Korean peninsula and further the world, as well as to halt human rights violations against North Korean people and guarantee fundamental rights for them.

Fourth, we urge the international community, including the UN Security Council, to seek more aggressive and practical measures to put pressure on North Korea to deter its missile launch and other acts of provocation, and to increase the effectiveness through continuous monitoring and communication.

Until the above conditions are all realized, we will continue to make every effort, by using all available means, to see the Kim Jong Un regime punished for its provocation and the North Korean people set free from the living death.