The U.S. Republican Party recently announced its new platform calling “North Korea a slave state of the Kim family”. The platform also called for “change in North Korea” and urged “China to recognize the inevitability of change in North Korea”.

Regarding the North Korean nuclear issue, the platform said “the U.S. will demand the complete, verifiable, and irreversible dismantlement of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program with full accounting of its proliferation activities” and “an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) is no longer a theoretical concern – it is a real threat”.

The expression ‘North Korea is a slave state of the Kim family’ signifies that the U.S., a country particularly sensitive to the subject of human rights, is designating North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un as being ultimately responsible for the human rights issue of North Korea and has a strong will to address the issue.

In this regard, we would like to express our position on this matter as follows.

First, we actively support the U.S. Republican Party platform calling ‘North Korea a slave state of the Kim family’, and we strongly condemn the Kim Jong-Un regime for brainwashing and exploiting North Korean people and treating them like slaves to maintain the hereditary dictatorship of the Kim family.

Second, we strongly denounce North Korea for developing an EMP bomb, a threatening weapon that could destroy power grids and major infrastructures and jeopardize the lives of millions of people. We urge the United Nations and the international community to seek for specific and practical measures to deter such provocations of North Korea and bring those measures into action as early as possible.

Third, we solemnly warn that the Kim Jong-Un regime, which continues its nuclear development and reign of terror, will only continue to face international sanctions and a backlash from North Korean people and eventually collapse. Kim Jong-Un should realize that coexistence with the international community, not nuclear and missile development, is the only way for North Korea to survive. We firmly demand that Kim Jong-Un stop reckless provocations and seek ways to prosper with other countries.

Lastly, we call upon the members of the UN and the international community, especially China, to recognize that change is imperative in North Korea to fundamentally resolve North Korean issues, such as nuclear development and human rights violation, and put consistent and greater pressure and sanctions on North Korea.