The U.S. Treasury Department has added seven senior North Korean officials, including leader Kim Jong Un’s sister, to its sanctions list because of human rights abuses and censorship by the communist nation on Jan.11.

The department said in a statement that its Office of Foreign Assets Control added six men and one woman, all officials of the government of North Korea or the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea, along with the Ministry of Labor and the State Planning Commission, to the Specially Designated Nationals List.

The U.S. State Department said in a separate statement that the action coincided with the release of its second report on North Korean human rights abuses and censorship, which it called among the worst in the world.

Especially, among seven individuals on the Treasury Department blacklist is Kim Yo Jong, 27, who it said is the younger sister of leader Kim Jong Un, as well as the vice director of the Workers’ Party of Korea Propaganda and Agitation Department.

First, We welcome U.S. blacklists North Korean officials over rights abuses. As everyone knows, North Korea has long been labeled one of the worst human rights violators in the world. Right now, 24 million people face the most repressive regime in the world.

Second, We urge North Korea regime to stop widespread and systematic human rights violation. North Korean are denied even the most basic rights of free speech, free movement, and information freedom. Also North Korean have been under repressive system of political control including collective punishment, public executions, and political prison camps.

Third, Now it is time for North Korea to choose. North Korea regime should realize that it will not be accepted as a part of the international society unless it stops to infringe upon human rights. Kim Jong-un should ruminate on why the world speaks with one voice against it.